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Make A Payment

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Make A Payment


Pay by Check Option

Make your check payable to Friendly Park, Inc. and mail your check to the following Dues Payment Address: 

Friendly Park, Inc.
P.O. Box 10138
Greensboro, NC  27404 

 Pay by Credit Card Options:

All credit card payments include a convenience charge to offset the PayPal Credit Card processing fee

Family Membership


Plus a $24.07 processing fee


Couple Membership


Includes an additional $18.09 processing fee



Senior Membership


Includes an additional $10.76 processing fee


Miscellaneous Payment

Please include a 3% processing fee


Pay by Bank Draft Option(s)

Below is a summary of the different Bank Draft Plans we offer by membership type – Existing and New:  
Existing Member Bank Draft Form offers three Bank Draft Options(each option includes a $2.50 processing fee per draft)