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Junior Clinics

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Junior Tennis at Friendly

Junior Tennis


Precision Tennis @ Friendly Park           


General Information

Team Fee: Player’s fee for summer clinics is $95.  Fee for additional children is reduced to $70 per player. This includes three clinics per week, match days and team socials. Players may only participate in one age group.   Registration Form here.

Season: Clinics are Monday through WednesdayJune 12 – August 2

Clinic Times:

9 – 10 yr olds

8:00AM  – 9:00AM

8 & under

9:15AM  – 10:00AM

11 – 12 yr olds

10:15AM  – 11:15AM

13 +

11:15AM  – 12:15PM

Flex Class

12:15AM  – 1:15PM


Interclub Play:  In the past, we have always played Interclub matches with other clubs on Thursdays. Last year, the larger clubs decided to have their own league but we still played other clubs as in previous years. Last week, they decided that there would not be a formal interclub league at all this year. Instead, they are recommending that people join a Greensboro Juniors tennis ladder. I am trying to get information about this but the person in charge went to the beach.

When I have more information, I will pass it along. In the meantime, we are exploring having our ownThursday matches and setting up some matches with other clubs in the same position we are.

None of this affects the regular Monday – Wednesday clinics.

Watch for more information soon.

Parent Representatives:

Kent Harrison:       kah80@hotmail.com

Tennis Hotline:
Questions: (336) 517-7090
This phone number will have the most up to date information if you are unsure about weather or match schedules.  We will leave a voice recording on this number to let you know if all lessons and programs are on for the day or cancelled due to weather.

Communication: The primary means of communication will be via e-mail.  If your email address changes, please notify the coach and the parent representative. 


Registration:  Please print the Junior Tennis registration Form and turn it in to the front office with payment or Register Online.  You may also bring it the first day of clinics but if you do, please arrive 15 minutes early to get checked in. 

Parent rep-Kent Harrison, kah80@hotmail.com

For any questions call or email:    Friendly Park Tennis

Precision Tennis Academy