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Friendly Tennis

Friendly and Precision Tennis are in our 9h year of partnering to provide a successful, growing Tennis Program at Friendly Park Pool. 

Precision Tennis at Friendly Park 
Spring Season 2018

Session #1 will begin March 19th!  Players can register by emailing Kim at

For more detailed information about sessions, schedules, prices, and more, please click on the attached link to view the official flyer:


We request that each member (and their guests) be respectful of others while playing on Friendly’s courts and always wear appropriate tennis shoes (remember NO black bottom shoes are allowed on the courts at any time) when playing.

Highlights of Friendly Tennis events planned for this season include:

Adult Social

Generations Tournament

Junior Interclub Year-end Event

Club Championship


Ball Machine Rental

The ball machine is available for rental at $5 per hour.

1) Check availability at the check-in table or snack stand. If available, pay fee. You will also leave your driver’s license and get the shed key.

2) You must be 16 years of age to use the equipment unsupervised. Younger children may use the machine if supervised by the person who checked it out.

3) Instructions for use will be posted on the inside wall of the shed.

4) Please remember to plug the charger in when finished.

5) Never walk directly in front of the machine while it is running! There are usually delays in feeding the last few balls so always approach from one side until the power is off.

Concerns or suggestions for improving our tennis program? Please contact:

Tennis rep: Kent Harrison,